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2020 will squeeze into the top three hottest years on record

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World Meteorological Organization released the latest report on December 2 saying that climate change is still continuing 2020 will become one of the three hottest years on record 2011-2020 will also become the hottest 10 years on record of which the hottest six years are in 2015 after. The World Meteorological Organization's interim report on "global climate situation 2020" released by

on the 2nd showed that the global average temperature from January to October in 2020 was about 1.2 degrees higher than that before industrialization. 2020 is likely to be one of the three hottest years since modern temperature records began in 1850. The most significant warming observed occurred in northern Asia especially in the Arctic region of Siberia. On June 20 the temperature in verhojansk Siberia reached 38 degrees Celsius the highest temperature known to date north of the Arctic circle. According to the report of

ocean heat will be at a record level in 2020 80% of the world's Shanghai Ocean has experienced ocean heat waves which further worsens the marine ecosystem acidified by carbon dioxide absorption. In recent decades there are obvious signals indicating that the absorption of heat by the ocean is accelerated. Due to the increase of greenhouse gas concentration more than 90% of the excess energy accumulated in the climate system enters the ocean. The ocean heat wave will affect the near surface ocean have a series of impacts on marine organisms related communities. In 2020 floods high temperatures droughts fires tropical cyclones other climatic disasters will affect a large number of people in the world. According to the report the number of displaced persons recorded in the first half of 2020 alone reached about 10 million mostly due to disasters such as hydrometeorology mainly in South Asia Southeast Asia the horn of Africa. According to the data of FAO the world food program more than 50 million people in the world will be hit by both climate disaster epidemic situation in 2020.

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