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Advanced materials: a new breakthrough in graphene based solar cells

wallpapers News 2020-10-09
In recent years

organic solar cells have developed rapidly in which the morphology control of mixed films is the most important to improve the performance of devices. Among various control strategies additives are very important to improve the performance of organic solar cells. However the existing high efficiency additives are volatile which will lead to batch differences in device performance parameters affect the industrialization process of organic batteries. Under the guidance of Academician Li Yuliang jiutonggang research group of Qingdao Institute of energy Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with Dr. Gao Ke of Washington University to develop chlorographene as a solid additive which made a breakthrough in the performance process reproducibility of organic solar cells at the same time. The device efficiency in the laboratory reached 17.3% the device certification efficiency in China Academy of Metrology reached 17.1% One of the highest efficiency of binary organic solar cells. Using the excellent thermal stability excellent electrical properties of chlorographene the bottleneck of batch performance difference caused by volatile additives of organic solar cells was effectively solved high-quality crystalline films were obtained which realized the preparation of high repeatability high-performance photovoltaic devices. This achievement has successfully solved the two key problems of high efficiency repeatability in the field of organic solar cells. This achievement greatly reduces the complexity of the process highlights the advantages of the two-component cell processing accelerates the industrialization process of organic solar cells.

graphene is a two-dimensional carbon material with independent intellectual property rights in China. At present it has attracted research teams from the United States the United Kingdom Germany Japan other countries as well as domestic famous universities scientific research institutions to carry out research on graphene. Graphene has been widely used in many fields such as biology energy catalysis information technology energy storage so on. In this work aiming at the problems of volatile additives poor data repeatability low filling factor of organic solar cells chlorographene was successfully used as a multifunctional solid additive for the first time in the shape control of active layer of organic solar cells to achieve high reproducibility of device parameters. At the same time chlorographene has large pi conjugation excellent pore structure which can greatly improve the crystallization behavior of the active layer improve the quality orientation of the crystal in the film-forming process so as to improve the filling factor of the device. The researchers of

found that the strong conjugation of chlorographene can effectively improve the crystallization behavior of acceptor molecules. The morphology characterization electrical properties test show that the addition of chlorographene is conducive to the optimization of the crystallization process the improvement of crystallinity phase separation of the mixed membrane thus significantly improving the carrier mobility inhibiting the charge recombination. Therefore compared with the traditional additive chloronaphthalene the short-circuit current density filling factor of the device are significantly improved the battery efficiency is greatly improved. A series of synergistic effects promote the improvement of device performance achieve high repeatability of device parameters at the same time indicating the great application prospect of graphene materials as multifunctional solid additives in the field of organic solar cells. The strategy of two-dimensional graphene materials to optimize the performance of solar cells can be perfectly extended to the fields of optoelectronics energy storage intelligent devices as a universal method( DOI:10.1002/adma.201907604 )Published on the Internet.

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