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Advanced materials: high sensitivity biocompatible self driving sensor by molecular / ionic engineering design

wallpapers News 2020-12-21
At present the development of personalized diagnosis treatment related to human health needs advanced biocompatible electronic devices systems. Among them the self driving sensor which collects environmental energy converts it into electric energy to support its own operation without external power has been widely concerned. Friction nano generator (Teng) which can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy has great potential in this field. Researchers can design select biocompatible or degradable materials to prepare friction nano generator (Teng) so as to achieve the goal of safe application in human body.

are widely used in biomedical field because of their water solubility biocompatibility. In addition the addition of a small amount of PVA can reduce the cost / effectiveness of biodegradation other aspects. Three kinds of additives including gelatin hydrochloric acid (HCl) / sodium hydroxide (NaOH) potassium chloride (KCl) / sodium chloride (NaCl) were selected by Professor Wu Wenluo's research group of Purdue University Professor Zhu Jiahua's research group of Akron University. PVA its mixture were characterized. A series of Teng based on PVA PVA mixture were prepared compared The effect of molecular / ionic additives on the triboelectric properties of PVA Blends was revealed. The rich functional groups / ions in additives can form hydrogen bonds or complexes with PVA molecules induce interfacial polarization ionic polarization affect the migration of polarization groups in PVA mixture. Therefore the dielectric constant of PVA mixture directly related to Teng output can be adjusted by using different additives or dosage of additives. Compared with pure PVA the signal of Teng / PVA mixture was significantly improved. Taking Teng based on PVA gelatin mixture as an example the stable signal output in the process of periodic contact separation is demonstrated the high sensitivity of the device is demonstrated by accurate measurement of human pulse. The real-time pulse signal measured by the device can be used for heart rate variability (HRV) which shows the advantage of safety reliability.

not only demonstrate the great potential of self driving sensors based on PVA mixture in the field of human health monitoring but also provide a new strategy for the future design of biocompatible Teng for biomedical field.

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