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Angular contact ball bearings

wallpapers News 2021-03-09
Angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. It can work at higher speeds. The larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity. The contact angle is the angle between the line of contact points between the ball and the raceway in the radial plane and the vertical line of the bearing axis. High-precision and high-speed bearings usually take a contact angle of 15 degrees. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase.
Types of Angular contact ball bearings
There are several types of angular contact ball bearings: 7000C (∝=15°), 7000AC (∝=25°) and 7000B (∝=40°). The lock of this kind of bearing is on the outer ring. Generally, the inner and outer rings cannot be separated, and can bear the combined radial and axial load and the axial load in one direction. The ability to bear the axial load is determined by the contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the higher the ability to bear the axial load. This kind of bearing can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction.
The contact ball bearing has a high limit speed, which can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, and can also bear pure axial load. Its axial load capacity is determined by the contact angle and increases with the increase of the contact angle.
Main purpose
Single row angular contact ball bearings: machine tool spindles, high-frequency motors, gas turbines, centrifugal separators, small car front wheels, differential pinion shafts, booster pumps, drilling platforms, food machinery, indexing heads, repair welding machines, Low-noise cooling towers, electromechanical equipment, painting equipment, machine tool trough plates, arc welding machines.
Double row angular contact ball bearings: oil pumps, roots blowers, air compressors, various transmissions, fuel injection pumps, printing machinery, planetary reducers, extraction equipment, cycloid reducers, food packaging machinery, electric welding machines, electric soldering irons, Square box, gravity spray gun, wire stripping machine, half shaft, inspection and analysis equipment, fine chemical machinery.
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