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Application prospects of Gallium Nitride

wallpapers News 2021-08-11
Gallium nitride (GaN) is a compound of nitrogen and gallium with specific semiconductor characteristics. It was used in light-emitting diodes in the early days. It belongs to the same periodic group of elements as commonly used silicon, with high hardness and high melting point, high stability. Gallium nitride material is an important semiconductor material for the development of microelectronic devices. It has the characteristics of a wide band gap and high thermal conductivity. It can be used in chargers to adapt to small transformers and high-power devices with high charging efficiency.
Optical aspect
For Gallium Nitride materials, the hetero epitaxial defect density is quite high due to the unresolved substrate single crystal for a long time, but the device level is already practical. InGaNSQWLED6cd high-brightness pure green tea and 2cd high-brightness blue LEDs have been produced. In the future, it can be realized by combining with AlGaP and AlGaAs red LEDs to form a bright-brightness full-color display. In this way, the white light source mixed with the three primary colors also opens up new application areas, and the era characterized by high reliability and long-life LED will come. Both fluorescent lamps and light bulbs will be replaced by LEDs. LED will become the leading product, and Gallium Nitride transistors will also develop rapidly with the development of material growth and device technology, becoming a new generation of high-temperature, high-power devices.
Charger material
Compared with ordinary semiconductor silicon materials, gallium nitride has a wider band gap and good thermal conductivity, which can match smaller transformers and high-power inductors, so gallium nitride chargers have the advantages of small size, high efficiency, and safety. . In order to achieve faster charging speeds for flagship mobile phones and tablets, the charger power is relatively large, and 40W50W chargers are very common. The larger charging power means that the size of the charger is also getting larger, and the heat is serious.
Thanks to emerging technologies in the charging industry, gallium nitride chargers have been sought after by digital manufacturers as soon as they appeared. Well-known mobile phone brands and third-party accessory vendors have begun to launch their own gallium nitride chargers. The 65W Gallium Nitride charger will be available in the near future.
In addition to C-end consumer electronics, gallium nitride has great potential for applications in the 5G field. The 5G era requires a lot of micro base stations and intermediate devices. These devices also need more efficient power supply capabilities, while gallium nitride chargers are small in size and have high inefficiency. The advantages will be obvious.

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