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Attention to the use SKF bearings

wallpapers News 2021-09-23
Attention to the use SKF bearings
To view shaft bearing damage, it can be found that in most cases, it may lead to them. In general, bearing fatigue damage caused by only one-third of the damage comes from poor lubrication when it occurs, and the other one-third comes from pollutants generated into the bearing or improperly handled an installation. However, these damage types are not related to the industry bearings are precision parts, so it takes quite a long time to use a cautious attitude, even with high-performance bearings, if used improperly, can not achieve the desired performance effect, but also easy to make bearings damaged. Therefore, the use of bearings should pay attention to the following points:
1. Keep SKF bearings and their surrounding environment clean, and even the tiny invisible dust that enters the bearings will increase the wear, vibration, and noise of bearings.
2. The use of careful installation, so that strong stamping, not allowed to hit the bearing directly with a hammer is not allowed to pass through the pressure.
3. Appropriate, accurate installation tools to take advantage of the use of special tools, try to avoid the use of cloth and staple fiber and the like.
4. To prevent corrosion of bearings are directly selected by hand, fully wash hands sweat, and then coated with high-quality mineral oil in the rainy season and summer, especially pay attention to rust prevention. However, under some special operating conditions, bearings can obtain a longer life than traditional calculations, especially under light load conditions. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surface (rails and rolling parts) is an effective lubricating film to separate and limit contaminants that can cause surface damage.
SKF bearings inspection method
1, All kinds of mechanical scars, such as abrasion, scratch, compression, collision, etc., will cause poor bearing installation, cause partial load and stress concentration, resulting in the decline of rotation accuracy and service life.
2, Rust, black skin, and pitting, the last two are easy to store water and dirt defects, the most likely to develop into rust.
And rust is the source of pollution leading to poor installation, early wear, and fatigue, serious corrosion will make the bearing scrapped.
3, All kinds of cracks, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks, and grinding cracks, these cracks in the later bearing operation process, will become the source of stress concentration and rapidly expand, causing bearing rupture, bearing life, and work safety greatly influence.
In fact, for important bearings, bearing factories have carried out 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection of their components.
4, Peeling and folding, the local defects of the two and the matrix metal is not firmly combined, and there are often varying degrees of decarbonization or poor carbon phenomenon around the material is easy to collapse, concave or wear, bearing life and accuracy is very adverse.
5, The riveting or welding quality of the cage, mainly observe whether the rivet head is biased, skewed, slack, lack meat or "double eyelid", whether the welding position is correct, the welding spot is too large or too small, whether the welding is not tight or excessive welding caused by the phenomenon of the stuck rolling body.
The above items are the key part of our inspection of SKF bearings imported bearings. In addition to the above part of the inspection, in addition, if the typing quality is not good, such as illegibility and damage, it should be considered defective, and serious cases can not be accepted.

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