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Boron carbide powder

wallpapers News 2021-05-10
About boron carbide:
Boron carbide has a Mos hardness of 9.3, making it, along with diamond and boron nitride, the three hardest materials known. So boron carbide can be used for grinding, grinding, drilling, etc., at a much lower cost.
In addition, boron carbide can absorb large amounts of neutrons without forming any radioactive isotopes, making it an ideal neutron absorber in nuclear power plants. At Chernobyl in 1986, Russia eventually stopped the chain reaction in the reactor after it dropped nearly 2,000 tons of boron carbide and sand.
Nano-boron carbide
1. Nanometer boron carbide also has higher neutron absorption efficiency than micron boron carbide, so it is widely used in nuclear industry and national defense industry;
2. Add nano boron carbide, the mechanical properties are greatly improved, the anti-penetration ability is greatly improved, and the armor protection ability is more outstanding;
3. Nano boron carbide powder is not only used in refractories, precision measuring components, but also used in the manufacture of precision nozzles, sealing rings and other fine engineering ceramics;
4. Nano boron carbide powder is a kind of artificial superhard material. As an abrasive, it has extremely high grinding efficiency and will not bring in impurities, so it is an ideal substitute for diamond abrasive.
5. Refractory materials, fine engineering ceramics, such as high precision nozzles, sealing rings, nuclear industry and national defense industry.

Hadian et al studied the effects of reaction time, temperature and different ratio of raw materials on B4C in the boric-citric acid gel reaction system. When the initial mass ratio of boric acid to citric acid was controlled to be 2.2:1 and the reaction time was 3.5h at 1500℃, the content of free carbon in the product was 2.38%. However, the production efficiency of this method is low and it is difficult to be applied on a large scale.

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