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Small:MOP-18 Porous liquid enhances gas transport

wallpapers News 2020-11-27

porous liquid is a kind of liquid with permanent pore structure. It combines the porous shape adjustable adsorption characteristics of porous solid with the rapid mass transfer flow stable hydrodynamic properties of liquid. It has important application prospects in adsorption separation new reaction solvents. Generally liquid is composed of moving molecules or ions. Although it has fluidity it has no relatively fixed rigid structure. Therefore it is not easy to construct pore structure with certain size permanent existence in liquid. According to the different construction systems of porous liquids they can be divided into three categories. The second kind of porous liquid is composed of porous body large-scale solvent. For the ideal second kind of porous liquid the porous host is dispersed or dissolved in the solvent in the form of a single molecule it has high dispersion or solubility in the solvent to improve the porosity of the porous liquid. At the same time the size of the solvent is large so it will not enter the porous body window occupy the internal cavity. At present the research of the second kind of porous liquid is still in its infancy. The main challenges difficulties lie in the preparation of porous body the construction of porous liquid system.

in view of this Professor Peng Xinsheng of Zhejiang University Professor Zeng Yujia of Shenzhen University Professor Yan Youguo of China University of Petroleum (East China) have successfully constructed the second kind of porous liquid with permanent cavity fluidity by skillfully selecting the metal organic polyhedron (mop-18) as the porous body 15-crown-5 as the large-scale solvent used it to enhance gas transmembrane Transmission. Mop-18 is a metal organic polyhedron with rigid porous structure large internal cavity small window size. In addition the synthesis of mop-18 is simple can be dispersed or dissolved in a variety of organic solvents. Therefore mop-18 is very suitable as a porous host to construct the second kind of porous liquid. 15-crown-5 is a cyclic molecule with large molecular size low melting point dispersibility or solubility for mop-18. The second kind of porous liquid is constructed by combining the characteristics of the two. On the one h dynamic light scattering results show that mop-18 is mainly dispersed in 15-crown-5 as a single molecule when the temperature is above 40 ℃. On the other h the experimental simulation results show that 15-crown-5 will not enter the cavity through the window of mop-18; therefore the constructed porous liquid conforms to the definition of the second kind of porous liquid. The inner cavity of mop-18 in porous liquid can be used for gas storage gas diffusion. Compared with pure 15-crown-5 solvent the adsorption capacity of porous liquid for CO2 is higher. In addition the fluidity of the porous liquid makes it possible to construct graphene oxide supported porous liquid membranes. Compared with the pure 15-crown-5 solvent membrane supported by graphene oxide the porous liquid membrane supported by graphene oxide can significantly promote the transport of various gases (such as H2 CO2 N2).

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