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Analysis and forecast of asphalt price trend on August 24

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The overall demand of domestic asphalt market is general, the market trading atmosphere is flat, and the refinery shipment has rarely increased.

In order to stimulate downstream receiving, some refineries have seen a small decline in asphalt prices, of which the price of CNPC high-yield asphalt dropped by 30 yuan today/ Recently, the inventory pressure of some refineries in South China is obvious, and the asphalt resources are sufficient.

In addition, the impact of imported asphalt resources leads to fierce market competition.

Some asphalt resources in South China flow to southwest and central China to alleviate the surplus situation.

The situation in other regions is not optimistic, and the contradiction between supply and demand of asphalt is excessive Crude oil prices fluctuate upward, but asphalt prices are difficult to have upward momentum, and it is expected that the overall stability of the asphalt Market in the later stage will be dominated.

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