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Analysis and forecast of asphalt price trend on August 5

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In terms of crude oil, according to the monitoring of business agency, the international oil price first fell sharply and then rebounded slightly.

As of Thursday (August 4), WTI crude oil futures of the United States were at $40.

83/barrel, with a weekly decline of 1.85%. Brent crude oil futures were at $43.

10/barrel, with a weekly increase of 1.51%. There are more bad news in the international crude oil market this week.

First of all, Baker Hughes data of us oil services in recent weeks shows that the number of us oil drilling is increasing.

Second, according to the EIA monthly oil supply report, US crude oil and petroleum products exports increased by 504000 B / D in May to a high level of 5.

66 million B / d.

Third, OPEC oil output is likely to increase by 100000 B / D in July to a record high of 33.

41 million B / d.

However, the US EIA data for the week of July 29 showed that US gasoline inventory and Cushing crude oil inventory decreased, which helped the international crude oil price rebound.

But in the short term, it is expected that the international oil price will start to compete around $40 / barrel. 2. Market analysis: first of all, the international oil price dropped to around $40 / barrel, Asphalt price lost cost support.

second, rainy weather in southern China has decreased, but road construction has not been fully carried out, so the demand for asphalt market has been limited.

third, the price of imported asphalt from foreign countries has risen slightly, with the FOB price of asphalt imported from South Korea at 185-195 US dollars / ton, while that of Thailand, Singapore and other countries is between 190-200 US dollars / ton Fourth, domestic refineries are optimistic about the market price of asphalt, asphalt production and inventory are rising, but downstream users are not confident in the future asphalt market due to the decline of crude oil price, and the social asphalt inventory is at a high level.

fifthly, asphalt futures fell sharply, the main asphalt futures contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange was 1609, opening at the beginning of the week 1882 At the end of the week, it closed 1852, down 1.59%. Lu Xingjun, an asphalt analyst at the post market forecast, believes that the international oil price shows signs of rebound, but there are still worries about global overcapacity, and it is expected that the international oil price will run around $40 / barrel next week.

August is the peak demand season of the domestic asphalt market.

Although the international oil price drops sharply, the domestic asphalt price is stable.

In addition, the price of imported asphalt has been raised, and the ex factory price of domestic refinery asphalt has been sold.

It is expected that the spot price of domestic asphalt will remain stable and upward next week.

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