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Analysis and forecast of polyethylene price trend on August 25

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Domestic polyethylene market continued the trend of tight goods and firm price, and some products increased by 50-250 yuan / ton.

Supported by the wide increase of linear futures in the afternoon, the trading atmosphere in the spot market was slightly better than that in the earlier stage.

Petrochemical enterprises raised the prices of some products, and the cost support was relatively strong.

Merchants actively followed up, but the downstream still held a defensive attitude towards some high prices.

In addition, the afternoon futures fell back.

It is expected that the domestic polyethylene market will be mainly digested and sorted out tomorrow.

At present, the quoted price of PE / > LLDPE in North China is 9100-10000 yuan / ton, that of East China is 9150-9950 yuan / ton, and that of South China is 9400-9750 yuan / ton.

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