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Analysis and forecast of silica price trend on July 8

wallpapers Products 2020-08-28

This week, the domestic price of precipitated silica first fell and then stabilized.

The price was quoted at 4030 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 4020 yuan / ton at the weekend.

The price dropped first and then stabilized, with a small decrease.

Market analysis products: the domestic precipitated silica price fell first and then stabilized this week.

The sales of silica manufacturers were not good, and the market demand was weak.

Some manufacturers began to reduce prices and take goods, and the price fell.

At present, the price of rubber grade products (80-600 mesh) is between 3200-4800 yuan / ton, and that of silica gel products is between 5500-6400 yuan / ton.

The market price of silica in Shandong Province fell, the price of upstream raw materials fell, and the price of silica fell.

the market situation of silica in Jiangsu Province was general, and the supply and sales of goods were still good, and the price was stable, and most manufacturers took a wait-and-see manner.

Industrial chain: the domestic sulfuric acid market is weak, and the sulfuric acid market price is hovering at a low level.

The mainstream ex factory price of smelting acid Market in Shandong and Hebei is about 260-300 yuan / ton, and 98% sulfur acid is traded at 320-380 yuan / ton.

In Anhui and Jiangsu, the mainstream ex factory price of smelting acid is about 240-300 yuan / ton, and the price of 98% sulfur-based sulfuric acid is 330-400 yuan / ton.

The overall unit operating rate of sulfuric acid plants in Northwest China is not high, the supply of goods is sufficient, and the delivery of goods is relatively slow, mainly based on contract orders.

The contradiction between supply and demand in the domestic sulfuric acid market has intensified, and the market demand is difficult to boost the sulfuric acid market, and the acid price has been declining continuously.

It is expected that in the short term, the sulfuric acid market will be hard to find positive factors and the acid price will continue to fluctuate at a low level.

It is predicted that the domestic market price of silica will fall first and then stabilize this week.

Recently, the market demand for silica is not good, the sales of manufacturers are general, the operating rate is low, and the inventory is high.

It is expected that the market price of precipitated silica will fall steadily in the short term.

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