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Analysis of asphalt price on December 26, 2016

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on December 26, the domestic asphalt price was 2540 yuan / ton, flat compared with the previous trading day.


products: the domestic asphalt market rose sharply on December 26, and the asphalt Market in Northwest and North China entered the winter mode. The road construction in southwest and South China is in good condition, and the asphalt supply is limited. The asphalt prices of Maoming Petrochemical, PetroChina Xingneng and Binyang fuel chemical continue to soar by 200-300 yuan / ton. The price of imported asphalt from South Korea remained stable at US $240-250 per ton.

industrial chain: Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his year-end news conference on Friday (December 23) that Russia would reduce oil production and cooperate with the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to support global oil prices. US crude oil hit a 17 month high. Due to the weak demand for asphalt in northern China, some refineries have switched to coking materials. Refineries in South China increased slightly. The road construction in Southwest China is in good condition. The supply of asphalt in South China and southwest China is tight, and the ex factory price of refinery asphalt continues to rise.


imported asphalt: from January to October 2016, the import volume of asphalt was 4.061 million tons, an increase of 688600 tons, or 17.58%, compared with the same period of 2015, which was 688600 tons, up 17.58%. The export volume of January October 2016 was 135300 tons, decreased by 86100 tons, or 38.89%, compared with 221400 tons in the same period of 2015. The


commodity index of asphalt (70) on December 25 was 54.83, unchanged with yesterday, down 45.27% from the cycle's highest point of 100.19 (October 10, 2013), and 41.02% higher than the lowest point of 38.88 on March 15, 2016.


forecast: Lu Xingjun, asphalt analyst of business club, believes that the current international oil price is running between $50-55. Shanghai asphalt futures prices continue to rise, the market is full of confidence in asphalt prices. After the asphalt prices in Shandong and South China have gone up in recent seasons, the prices of asphalt refineries in East China and South China have gone up.

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