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Analysis of coal tar price on July 12, 2016

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On July 12, the average price of high-temperature coal tar samples was 1646.

36 yuan / ton, down 2.11%. High temperature coal tar market continues to decline.

The main production area is 1600-1650 yuan / ton.

On July 11, Hebei Huafeng coal chemical coal tar tender, the most successful bid price was 1600 yuan / ton.

At present, the domestic coal tar market is generally invested, and the overall inventory pressure of coke enterprises is not large, but the downstream support is slightly insufficient, and there is still pressure at the local high level in the short term.

The quoted price in Hebei is around 1600 yuan / ton.

in some areas of Henan Province, it is 1600 yuan / ton under the guidance of Huafeng bidding.

the mainstream quotation in Shandong is about 1630 yuan / ton.

The mainstream quotation in Shaanxi is 1650 yuan / ton.

The local price of coking coal market of coal tar upstream products fell, and coke was mainly stable.

The price support of upstream products to coal tar market is weak.

In the near future, the downstream receiving mentality is cautious, and it is expected that the high-temperature coal tar market will be weak in the short term.

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