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Analysis on the price of silica on December 22, 2016

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domestic precipitated silica price is stable, Zhuzhou Xinglong Chemical quoted 4600 yuan / ton, which is the same as the previous price. The manufacturer's sales are general, the inventory is low, and the market demand is weak. Although the price of upstream raw materials is rising, most manufacturers mainly wait and see. At present, the price of rubber grade products (80-600 mesh) is between 3200-4800 yuan / ton, and that of silica gel products is between 5500-6400 yuan / ton. Li Xiang, a silica analyst at the chemical branch of


, believes that: the demand for silica in the market is OK recently, the sales of manufacturers are general, and the inventory is low. Due to the rise of upstream raw material prices, some manufacturers began to adjust their prices. It is expected that the price of precipitated silica will rise in the short term.

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