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Black carbon market analysis in December 2016

wallpapers Products 2020-06-15

domestic precipitated silica market price is stable, Shandong Hongxing silica quoted 4000 yuan / ton, compared with the previous price continued to be stable, manufacturers generally sell, the market is OK, most manufacturers mainly wait-and-see, the price is stable. At present, the price of rubber grade products (80-600 mesh) is between 3200-4800 yuan / ton, and that of silica gel products is between 5500-6400 yuan / ton.

business agency chemical branch of silica analyst Li Xiang thinks: Recently, the market situation of silica is still good, manufacturers' sales are good, operating rate is low, inventory is high, manufacturers are mainly wait-and-see, it is expected that the market price of precipitated silica will be stable in the short term.

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