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De capacity enters the era of source containment

wallpapers Products 2020-07-15
On September 2, the general office of the Ministry of land and Resources announced the notice on the implementation of national industrial policies and the review of land use for construction projects. It is clear that the newly increased capacity of urea, ammonium phosphate, calcium carbide, caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride, soda ash, yellow phosphorus and other excess industries, as well as the newly built refining and chemical projects not included in the petrochemical industry planning and layout plan, will not be accepted for land pre examination. On September 7, Yang Chuanwei, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said in an interview with the reporter of China chemical industry news, "the notice of the Ministry of land and resources requires strict pre examination and review of land for new projects in industries with excess capacity, so as to strictly control the construction of new projects from the source. It is believed that in the future, the relevant departments of the state will successively issue relevant policies to restrict the approval and construction of new projects in excess industries from the aspects of finance, taxation, energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to ultimately achieve the purpose of resolving excess capacity, and at the same time guide enterprises to eliminate backwardness, promote safe and green development, and improve the innovation system Yang Chuanwei stressed that from the perspective of the policy orientation of the Ministry of land and resources this time, it reflects that the management may adopt the zero approval approach for the new petrochemical industry projects that need to be de capacity without implementing equal or reduced replacement. With the gradual introduction of relevant policies in the future, the subsequent investment impulse of overcapacity industry is also expected to be restrained. Yang Ting, Secretary General of the chemical industry park working committee of the Federation of Sinopec, analyzed that the primary task of the supply side reform was to eliminate overcapacity, including excess and backward capacity. The seven industries mentioned in the notice, such as urea, ammonium phosphate, calcium carbide, caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride, soda ash and yellow phosphorus, were not only the disaster areas of excess capacity, but also the industries with relatively concentrated backward production capacity Therefore, the notice clearly states that "in terms of land approval, for approved petrochemical projects, if the provincial people's Government of the place where the project is located has not announced that it has implemented equal or reduced replacement, completed the task of eliminating backward production capacity and resolving excess capacity, it will no longer accept land application for construction projects", which is to eliminate some backward production capacity to alleviate the overcapacity of such industries Purpose. Yang Ting said that the "notice" also conveyed the message that these industries with serious overcapacity should be cautious when adding new capacity. Therefore, on the one hand, the state hopes to strictly control the land use for new projects of this kind of industry by means of policies; On the other hand, it is necessary to continue to promote the industrialization of industrial parks. Since new petrochemical and refining projects must enter the parks and bases in the future, the state will adjust the land supply of chemical parks and the standards for park entry, that is, the land in the chemical parks should not be inclined to such excess capacity and backward energy, so as to achieve the purpose of removing production capacity and eliminating backward ones. It is understood that, in addition to the Ministry of land and resources, the State Council also dispatched 10 supervision teams to key regions to supervise the implementation of the elimination of excess capacity, so as to prevent some backward production capacity from withdrawing from the market.

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