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Do you know what synthetic lubricants do?

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Synthetic lubricants are made by refining crude oil through chemical methods. Synthetic lubricants are mainly used in mechanical parts, especially in KOYO bearings. Synthetic lubricants perform three major functions in the application of KOYO bearing components and reduce the cost of equipment maintenance using KOYO bearings. Briefly describe the three functions of synthetic lubricants.

Reduce friction coefficient and save production energy

The synthetic lubricating oil has an obvious lubrication effect, which makes the bearing rotational contact surface reduce friction. KOYO bearing company has done a lot of experiments, adding synthetic lubricating oil in the bearing at a certain speed can save energy by 3%-6% compared with adding normal mineral lubricating oil or no lubricating oil. Especially when adding synthetic lubricating oil to machine tool spindle bearing, the energy-saving effect can reach 8%-10% obviously.

Reduce wear and lengthen the service life of the bearing 

Reduce wear and lengthen the service life of the bearing Synthetic lubricant good lubricity greatly reduces wear and tear, prolongs the replacement period of the bearing operating parts, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and improves the reliability level. In some special equipment or bad working conditions, ordinary lubricating oil will appear partial leakage or performance deterioration phenomenon, such as high speed, high-temperature fan in the bearing parts should never use ordinary lubricating oil, often cause the bearing to lock or friction overheating damage to the bearing. To ensure the production, to ensure the service life of the bearing, it is best to choose synthetic lubricating oil.

KOYO Bearings

With the continuous development of mechanical equipment, bearing performance has been continuously improved. In the aerospace sector, lubricating materials must meet the requirements of low temperature, high temperature, high load, high speed, high vacuum, high energy radiation, strong oxidizing medium, long life, and so on. For example, bearings lubricated with synthetic grease can increase speed by 2%. Due to the high speed of the high-speed train, the bearing speed increases greatly, so it is difficult for lithium base grease to adapt to the increased speed and shaft temperature, but synthetic lubricating oil can still meet the needs. Synthetic lubricants that span performance can continuously meet the needs of KOYO bearing development.

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