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Domestic PTA start-up load increases, negative market mentality

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The 2.

2 million T / a PTA plant of Hanbang Petrochemical was restarted, and about 80% of the PTA plant of Hengli Petrochemical was started after the restart.

However, the 750000 T / a plant of Tongkun petrochemical company was shut down, and the 600 000 t / a PTA plant of Ningbo Mitsubishi was postponed to the beginning of August.

The domestic PTA start-up load increased and the market mentality was unfavorable.

In spite of the decline of crude oil and naphtha, PX still resisted the decline.

The cost of PTA was about 4900 yuan / T, PTA production loss was more, so PTA spot drop space was limited.

PTA market returns to tangled state.

It is not easy for price to fall under the support of PX cost.

However, PTA operating load increases and later demand decreases.

It is expected that PTA price will not rise easily.

It is expected that PTA market will be stagnant in the short term.

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