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Domestic food grade xylitol market price maintained in the early stage

wallpapers Tech 2020-11-05

The domestic market price of food grade xylitol remained in the early stage, and the current price increased by about 3.

14% compared with the same period in 2015.

It is understood that the market price adjustment cycle of xylitol is relatively long.

Most of the quotations from manufacturers and distributors refer to the previous period.

Some enterprises stop reporting and wait and see.

The manufacturers generally ship their devices, and there is a lack of price adjustment factors in the market.

At present, the quoted price of Zhengzhou Longsheng chemical products Co., Ltd. is 25000 yuan / ton.

the ex factory price of Shandong Futian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is 25000 yuan / ton, and that of Jiangxi zhenran Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is 28000 yuan / ton.

The price of corn in most parts of China fluctuated.

The downstream demand of xylitol is normal, and the negotiation on new orders is general.

It is expected that the xylitol market will remain unchanged in the short term.

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