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Domestic market price of p-xylene rises in 2017

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The domestic market price of

rose in 2017, with an average price of 6900 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year and 7300 yuan / ton at the end of the year, with an annual increase of 5.8%. It can be seen from the price trend chart that the annual highest point of domestic p-xylene was on March 14, the price was 7600 yuan / ton, the lowest price was on July 11, and the average market price was 6510 yuan / ton Xylene market price increased slightly, which is undoubtedly the result of the joint effect of domestic and foreign markets. Market analysis: Overall, the price trend of p-xylene market can be roughly divided into three periods: the first period is the rising period of domestic p-xylene price from January to March; the second period is the gradual decline period of domestic PX market price from April to June; the third period is the progressive rise period of PX Market price from July to December. In the first period from January to March, the domestic PX market price rose from 6900 yuan / ton to 7600 yuan / ton, an increase of 9.85%. In terms of product supply, the domestic PX operating rate is still insufficient, and the overall operation rate is about 70%. Among the domestic units, the unit with a production capacity of 1.6 million tons of Tenglong aromatics is under maintenance, the Urumqi petrochemical plant is about 50%, and other units are under normal operation. The operating rate of about 70% is still not enough to support the domestic demand for p-xylene products. The shortage of supply has led to the rise of PX price It's an important support. Greater dependence on imports is the norm of PX products. Therefore, the external price directly affects the domestic market price of p-xylene. The external price of PX has greatly increased from 780 US dollars / ton to 910 US dollars / ton. The rise of external price is a big positive for domestic p-xylene market. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the crude oil market has maintained a high and narrow range of fluctuations from January to March. Crude oil prices fluctuated from US $51 to US $54. At the beginning of the year, OPEC and other non OPEC countries reached an agreement on production reduction for the first time in eight years, with a reduction rate of 1.8 million barrels / day. On the one hand, the news provided a boost to the weak crude oil market, on the other hand, the supply level Therefore, the price can maintain a relatively high level and run smoothly for a period of time. The high crude oil price has become the cost support of PX market. The downstream PTA market has also increased to varying degrees. In addition, the domestic operating rate remains at a high level, and PTA operating rate is around 75%, The operating rate of polyester is about 85%, and that of Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile is about 76%. The high price of the downstream textile industry also supports the market price of p-xylene. This stage is also the peak period of the textile industry in spring, so the domestic market price of p-xylene rises. In the second period, the domestic PX market price fell down, and the domestic market price dropped from 7600 yuan / ton to 6500 yuan / ton, a drop of 14.5%. The decline of domestic PX market price is due to the joint influence of domestic and foreign countries. From April to June, with the end of the textile industry sales peak season, the domestic p-xylene market also declined to varying degrees. During this period, the international crude oil price continued to decline. On the one hand, although OPEC's production reduction continued, the negative effect gradually emptied. Moreover, shale oil production in the United States has increased significantly, and the surge in crude oil production in Libya and Nigeria has made up for the lack of market supply to some extent. OPEC's reduction in production has completely lost the driving force to push up prices. More importantly, the weakness of the demand side has made the crude oil market worse, and the international oil price has been under pressure and fluctuated downward. According to monitoring, on June 22, the WTI of international crude oil reached a new low in 2017, and the price of WTI crude oil was 42.53 USD / barrel. The lower crude oil price has affected the continuous decline of PX external price. As of the end of June, the closing price of PX was $792 / T CFR China. The external price has a certain guiding role for the domestic p-xylene market. The external price dependence on xylene is as high as 59%. The decline of external price is a big negative for the domestic PX market. In addition, the price of downstream PTA market continues to decline, and the domestic PTA market price drops to 4830-4850 In the vicinity of yuanziji, the operating rate has also decreased to varying degrees. PTA operating rate is 60.46%, polyester operating rate is about 85%, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Textile operating rate is about 76%. Summer is the off-season of textile industry, PX and PTA market prices have declined to varying degrees. The third period is the second half of 2017, when domestic PX market price fluctuated and rose. The domestic PX operating rate is still insufficient, and the overall start-up rate is about 70%. The total domestic PX production capacity is as high as 13.915 million tons. However, the domestic production volume from January to October is about 8 million tons, and the domestic self-sufficiency rate is seriously insufficient. Large import dependence is the normal state of PX products. From January to October, the total import volume of PX was 11.7138 million tons, the total export volume was 35 thousand tons, and the net import volume was 11.6788 million tons. Overall, the domestic and foreign dependence was 59% from January to October 2017. The change of external price was an important factor affecting the domestic market price of p-xylene. In December, the Asian ACP price reached 910 U.S. dollars / ton, and as of December 28, the closing price of Asia was 927 dollars / ton C Fr China, the rise of external price is a big positive for domestic PX price. 97% of domestic p-xylene is used to produce PTA, and the overall domestic PTA market is about 70%. The demand for PX has always been in a high demand state. The domestic PX products are seriously insufficient in production. Driven by the demand of downstream PTA products, the domestic PX market price gradually rises. In the second half of 2017, WTI crude oil price rose, maintaining a level of 50 US dollars / barrel or above. As of December 26, WTI rose to 59.97 US dollars / barrel, an increase of 17.44 US dollars or 41% compared with the low at the end of the year. The high price of crude oil has formed a strong cost support for the downstream chemical market. As of December 15, the PTA market price in East China was 5800 yuan / ton, which was 19% higher than the price of 4828.18 yuan / ton at the end of June. In addition, the overall operating rate of PTA in China was above 68%, the polyester production in downstream of the terminal was maintained above 80%, and the textile operating rate in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces was maintained at about 75%. The price rise and high operating rate of PTA in the downstream market would form a certain degree for the PX market On the whole, affected by the upstream and downstream products, the domestic market price of p-xylene continues to rise. Aftermarket forecast: it is expected that the PX market price will still maintain a slight upward trend. Specifically, on the one hand, due to the high import dependence of PX, the domestic PX production is still seriously insufficient, and a large number of imports have become the norm. Restricted by foreign manufacturers, the PX market price will continue to maintain a high level. On the other hand, the international crude oil price maintains a high level of 55 USD / barrel, which forms a strong cost for downstream petrochemical productsTRUNNANO (aka. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd.) is a trusted global chemical material supplier & manufacturer with over 12 years' experience in providing super high-quality chemicals and Nanomaterials. The nitride powder produced by our company has high purity, fine particle size and impurity content. Please contact us if necessary.

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