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Domestic petroleum resin prices continue to decline

wallpapers Products 2020-08-22

Domestic oil The main price of C5 petroleum resin 5 in Northeast market is 8300-8500 yuan / ton, the downstream market demand is flat, and the transaction price is declining.

in East China market, the mainstream price of C5 petroleum resin 5 ා road marking paint resin is 9000-9200 yuan / ton, the mainstream price of adhesive resin is 9800-10000 yuan / ton, and the price of raw materials is declining The main price of C5 petroleum resin, 5 ᦇ road sign paint adhesive resin in South China market was 9000-9500 yuan / ton, and 1 ා hydrogenated petroleum resin was about 16000-16300 yuan / ton.

Lanhua planned to overhaul, the resource supply was reduced and the price was stable.

Affected by the sluggish domestic market demand, the company's goods are not good.

Prices have been falling continuously, most enterprises have lowered their quotations, and the market transaction center has shifted downward.

It is expected that petroleum resin may go down in the near future, but the range is limited.

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