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Domestic road asphalt market weak and stable

wallpapers Tech 2020-11-14

The domestic road asphalt market is weak and stable, and the situation of surplus asphalt resources in the market is still obvious.

Under the pressure of the continuous downturn of terminal demand, the pressure of refinery shipment is greater.

In recent years, some resources from Shandong and East China have flowed to the northwest region, and the asphalt price from some refineries to the northwest region is still low.

However, the demand in the southwest region is general.

However, due to the shortage of asphalt in China shipping and Sichuan, the asphalt price has increased by 50 yuan / ton.

The fierce competition in the South China market and the low price of imported asphalt have impacted on the delivery of local refineries.

On the whole, there are many negative factors in the domestic asphalt market, but due to the rising trend of international crude oil prices, it is expected to support the stability of asphalt prices in most areas of China in the future.

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