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Expanding the export of liquid ammonia

wallpapers Products 2020-11-05
Since this year, the liquid ammonia market has been in a downturn, only a small rebound occurred in April to may, and the rest of the time mainly fell below. Especially after entering June, the price continued to decline. At present, the factory price of liquid ammonia is 1700-2100 yuan (ton price, the same below), which is the lowest price in the year. Compared with the same period of last year, it has decreased by more than 15% and by more than 50% compared with the price highs of previous years. There are two main reasons for the poor trend of liquid ammonia market this year: first, the obvious overcapacity. According to the relevant statistics, the domestic ammonia production capacity reaches 83 million tons, the annual apparent consumption is about 58 million tons, and the excess capacity rate is more than 30%. Due to the poor market situation this year, some high-cost ammonia plants were forced to stop production and reduce production, but the output of synthetic ammonia is still not low. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the output of synthetic ammonia in the first half of this year was 28.568 million tons, only 0.65% lower than that of the same period last year. Second, the depression of urea market has greatly delayed the development of liquid ammonia. Liquid ammonia is an intermediate product of urea, which can be sold directly or processed into urea for sale. This year, the urea market trend is very poor, the mainstream factory price has dropped below 1200 yuan, and the price has returned to the level more than 20 years ago. Not only is the price low, but it is difficult to sell. However, the liquid ammonia market is better. Many urea manufacturers have increased their sales of liquid ammonia. Some even stopped urea and only sold liquid ammonia. As a result, the supply of liquid ammonia in the market increased suddenly. Why should the price not fall? The main downstream industry of liquid ammonia is chemical fertilizer, which is also used in chemical industry, mining and metallurgy, refrigeration, power plant desulfurization and denitrification, and the consumption of chemical fertilizer industry is more than 50%. The depression of chemical fertilizer industry makes it difficult for the liquid ammonia Market to make great achievements. Even if the demand for liquid ammonia in other downstream industries is increased, the growth of overall liquid ammonia demand is still limited. In order to reverse the passive situation, the liquid ammonia Market must find a new way and vigorously expand exports. At present, manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the export of liquid ammonia, only sporadic export, far from forming a climate, there is still great potential to tap. For example, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India and other places are large agricultural production countries. Their synthetic ammonia production capacity is insufficient, and they are close to us. They are all good markets, which are worthy of vigorous development. According to the national customs data, in the first half of this year, China only exported 4143 tons of liquid ammonia, a sharp drop of 86% over the same period last year. In June, the export volume was 139 tons. This year, the export volume of liquid ammonia is so low that many people are surprised. Last year, China's liquid ammonia exports improved, totalling 32600 tons, a significant increase of 126.4% over 2014. This year, the export of liquid ammonia will be reduced to zero tariff. In the past, a tariff of 180 yuan will be levied, which is equivalent to exporting at the same price. The enterprise can increase the income by about 9%. It was originally expected that there would be a big breakthrough in China's liquid ammonia export volume this year. "I didn't expect that, with such a good export preferential policy, the export volume of liquid ammonia was falling sharply. It can only be said that enterprises pay too little attention to the export of liquid ammonia and waste preferential policies. Market people shake their heads and sigh. In order to expand the export of liquid ammonia, enterprises should not only attach importance to it, but also strengthen publicity in the international market. The experience of developing international market of ammonium chloride is worth learning from. In the past, China's export volume of ammonium chloride was also very small. With the continuous increase of production capacity, ammonium chloride manufacturers took the initiative to open up markets abroad, cooperated closely with dealers in Southeast Asia and other places to introduce the efficacy of ammonium chloride to farmers, and achieved good results. Last year, China's export volume of ammonium chloride exceeded one million tons. In the first half of this year, the export volume reached 580000 tons, reaching a new high. Liquid ammonia manufacturers should also take the initiative to promote the international market. (Agricultural Materials Guide)

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