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Hydrofluoric acid market rose sharply in 2017

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The anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market of

rose sharply in 2017. The price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid at the beginning of the year was 6366.67 yuan / ton, and the price at the end of the year was 12375 yuan / ton, with an annual increase of 94.37%. According to the price trend chart, the lowest price of the whole year appeared on January 1, with an average market price of 6366.67 yuan / ton. The highest price of the whole year appeared on October 20, with an average market price of 13227.27 yuan / ton It is extremely hot, reversing the trend of six years of depression. Market analysis: the price trend of hydrofluoric acid products in 2017 can be roughly divided into three stages: the first stage is from January to the end of May, the hydrofluoric acid market price gradually rises; the second stage is from June to mid September, when hydrofluoric acid price falls; the third stage is from late September to December, when hydrofluoric acid market price rises rapidly. The specific market trend is as follows: in the first stage, the market price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid rose gradually from 6366.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year to 11890 yuan / ton at the end of May, with an increase of 86.75%. Hydrofluoric acid prices continue to rise. First, due to the pressure of safety and environmental protection, domestic hydrofluoric acid enterprises gradually increase routine maintenance devices, and the phenomenon of parking and production reduction is common in the industry. The operating rate of domestic production enterprises is low, only 50-60%, resulting in the tight supply of goods in the market. The phenomenon of short supply in the cash market once appeared, and the price of domestic hydrofluoric acid market gradually rose. Secondly, the upstream raw material fluorite products have brought good. Before and after the Spring Festival, the domestic pressure on environmental protection has increased. Some small domestic fluorite manufacturers have been parking, and the supply of domestic fluorite powder is correspondingly tight. In addition, the domestic fluorite transportation cost has increased, and the price of fluorite has increased to varying degrees. The rise of raw material price has driven the downstream hydrofluoric acid market price higher. Third, because spring is the traditional peak season of the downstream refrigerant industry, the demand for refrigerants is strong, the refrigerant dealers are hoarding a lot of goods, and the refrigerant export orders are increasing, the refrigerant price is rising continuously, the demand for hydrofluoric acid in the downstream refrigeration industry is increasing, and the contradiction between supply and demand in the hydrofluoric acid market is increasing, and the price of hydrofluoric acid market is rising. Combined with all kinds of favorable support, hydrofluoric acid Market in the first stage ushered in a large increase. In the second stage, the market price of hydrofluoric acid dropped from 11890 yuan / ton in early June to 7818.18 yuan / ton in mid September, a decrease of 34.25%. There are two main reasons for the decline of hydrofluoric acid market price during this period. One is that the domestic hydrofluoric acid market supply has been increased due to the continuous start-up of hydrofluoric acid units which have been overhauled in the early stage. The contradiction between supply and demand has been alleviated to a certain extent. The price of hydrofluoric acid has declined due to the increase of supply and demand. During this period, hydrofluoric acid transportation is subject to certain restrictions. Hydrofluoric acid manufacturers have lowered their prices one after another, resulting in selling of hydrofluoric acid Now it has fallen sharply. Secondly, with the temperature rising, the peak season of the refrigeration industry has come to an end, and the production of refrigerants has declined compared with the previous period. The demand for hydrofluoric acid is reduced, and the downstream procurement is not active, which is also a negative factor affecting the price of hydrofluoric acid. In the third stage, hydrofluoric acid market rose rapidly from late September to the end of the year, from 7818018 yuan / ton in September to 12375 yuan / ton at the end of the year, an increase of 58.28%. The price of hydrofluoric acid rose rapidly. On the one hand, due to the shortage of hydrofluoric acid supply, there were many national conferences during this period, and the domestic hydrofluoric acid plant started to decline. The supply of hydrofluoric acid products was once in a tight state, and the market price remained at a high level of 12500 yuan / ton. At this stage, the domestic hydrofluoric acid operating rate is about 60-70%, and the state of short supply has been maintained, and the market price of hydrofluoric acid has increased significantly. On the other hand, driven by the price of fluorite market, under the pressure of environmental protection, the starting situation of fluorite manufacturers is not optimistic, and the supply of fluorite is tight. In addition, with the decline of temperature, some fluorite manufacturers in the north can not carry out production, and the price of fluorite in the North has been maintained at a high level. The cost support of upstream raw materials is undoubtedly a great benefit to the hydrofluoric acid market. Finally, there is a high demand state of the refrigerant industry. In the fourth quarter, the refrigerants climbed to a high level again. At present, the prices of main varieties have risen to 24666 yuan / ton for R32, 26250 yuan / ton for R134a, and 15722 yuan / ton for R22, which is generally more than 50% higher than that in September. In particular, R32 rose from 14000 yuan / ton in September to 24666 yuan / ton now, up 76%. Secondly, as the government strengthens environmental protection supervision and transportation costs increase, the production and transportation of refrigerants are affected and the market supply is strained. The good market of refrigerants has greatly promoted the market price of hydrofluoric acid. Future forecast At present, it seems that the heat of hydrofluoric acid is not decreasing, fluorite enterprises have a very obvious intention to raise prices. In addition, the market of refrigerants is very good, and the transportation cost has increased. Chen Ling, an analyst of hydrofluoric acid in business agency, believes that the market price of hydrofluoric acid in the first quarter of 2018 may remain high, with the price of 12000-12500 yuan / T. however, with the end of the peak sales season in the refrigeration industry, hydrogen is expected to be in the second and third quarters The upward pressure on the fluoro acid market will increase, or the price will gradually fall down. It is estimated that the price will gradually decline to 8000 yuan / ton, and the price will rise in the fourth quarter. It is estimated that the price will appear at 11000-13000 yuan / ton. This paper is transferred from gaide chemical network http://news.china.guidechem.com/2017/12/30/307934.html

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