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Industrial Internet opens trillions of market space

wallpapers Products 2020-08-16
With the increasingly saturated development of consumer Internet, enterprises began to accelerate the layout of industrial Internet. The reporter of economic reference news learned from the 2016 World Internet Industry Conference on the 27th that on the one hand, local governments have issued policies to increase support and take advantage of the Internet to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. On the other hand, traditional industrial enterprises such as Haier, Siemens and General Motors began to expand investment and lay out industrial Internet. It is estimated that with the development of the Internet economy, the industrial Internet cake will expand from 300 billion yuan to 2 trillion yuan. The reporter learned that Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong and other places have issued policies to help the development of industrial Internet. Take Qingdao as an example, Qingdao has issued the "Internet plus" development plan (2015 - 2020) in Qingdao, and put forward the "three five" target of the Internet industry in the whole city, that is, by 2020, we will transform 500 automated production lines or digital workshops, build 50 intelligent factories or interconnected factories, and cultivate 5 cloud manufacturing service platforms, while the government has also increased policy support for the Internet industry. Efforts include the integration and utilization of relevant special financial funds, the overall adoption of equity investment, loan discount, project subsidies, insurance compensation, etc., and vigorously build, introduce and cultivate key projects such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment, cloud computing, big data, maker platform, and industrial carrier. At the same time, enterprises have entered the industrial Internet, Haier, general motors, Siemens and other large manufacturing enterprises have begun to carry out Internet transformation. "Turn enterprise centric into user centric." Zhang Ruimin, chairman and chief executive officer of Haier Group, said in his speech that in the Internet era, we should not try to make enterprises balanced, and we should follow the rules and procedures every day. Enterprises should pursue the best transformation in the edge of chaos and imbalance. He told reporters that in order to transform, Haier has "removed" more than 10000 middle-level managers, from managers to "entrepreneurs", and from flat management to completely "Internet-based". Herman, chief executive of Siemens Group in Greater China, said in an interview with economic reference news that the era of big data has come. It is estimated that the total amount of global data will increase by 13 times compared with 2012 by 2020. For many enterprises, digitalization is no longer a distant future. If enterprises want to maintain competitiveness, they must keep up with the trend of digitization. First of all, they should choose the right technology for investment, so as to make digital transformation possible. Secondly, digitalization puts forward higher requirements on the knowledge, skills and ability of employees, and it is necessary to cultivate talents for the future of the industry. In addition, there are still bottlenecks in the transformation of Internet technology, especially in China's software industry. A number of Representatives admitted to the reporter that, unlike the consumer Internet competition, the main competition for traffic is different. In the field of industrial Internet, the first thing to look at is the ability of enterprises to integrate resources. To identify specific industries, it is to focus on the industries that are the first to make efforts, integrate their industrial chain and related resources from a specific industry, and integrate talents, funds, and resources from the perspective of project implementation Technology, as well as the needs of the policy environment.

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