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Introduction of Zirconia Ceramic Ball

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1. Zirconia material characteristics:

The primary colour of high-purity ZrO2 is white, and it appears yellow or grey when it contains impurities. The density of zirconia is 5.6g/cm3, and the melting point is 2715C. ZrO2 has excellent heat resistance, insulation and corrosion resistance.

The commonly used zirconia structural ceramic material is TZP. The Y2O3 added to the content inhibits the growth of grains and stabilizes the crystal form transformation of zirconia. It is the highest toughness of all PSZ or all polycrystalline ceramics.

The density of zirconia ceramic per cubic centimetre is as high as 5.95-6.05g/cm3. Among the four commonly used ceramic sphere materials (SigN4, SiC, Al2O3, ZrO2), the toughness of zirconia ceramic is higher, more than 8MPam 12, The coefficient of thermal expansion is 10.5x10*/C, which is close to the ratio of thermal expansion of metal, which can meet the needs of a good fit with metal, but the size is stable.

The performance changes significantly with temperature, and the rolling fatigue contact failure form is destructive fragmentation, which is not as durable as silicon nitride materials in some important occasions.

Zirconia ceramics are self-lubricating, which can solve the pollution and inconvenience caused by the lubrication medium; excellent corrosion resistance can also be used in medium acid, medium alkali, seawater and other media; high-temperature resistance, zirconia ceramics at 600C, strength, The hardness is almost unchanged; it is not magnetically conductive and insulating, and it can also be used in a magnetic field and is not conductive.

2. Application areas:

Semiconductor, LCD manufacturing equipment, electroplating equipment, synthetic fibre manufacturing equipment, optical film equipment, various heat treatment furnaces, vacuum equipment, etc.; can also be used in composite bearings, cutting processing tools, different guide wheels, multiple valves, vacuum equipment and In different harsh environments.

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