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National Development and Reform Commission: natural gas supply is "loose in the South and tight in the north" this winter and next spring

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The person in charge of the meeting of the national development and Reform Commission of

said that it is expected that the supply of natural gas will still be tight in the South and the north this winter and next spring. The contradiction in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is relatively concentrated. In case of continuous low temperature weather, the supply guarantee situation will be very serious.


are affected by factors such as the slowdown of domestic economic growth and the low price of alternative energy. Since last year, the demand of the main gas industry in the off peak period has been depressed. However, due to the continuous increase of the user base and the decrease of the proportion of non resident gas consumption, the peak valley difference will further expand after the start of winter heating, and the impact of temperature change on the balance of supply and demand will be more obvious. At the same time, domestic resources are difficult to increase production, import resources, especially central Asia pipeline gas, are uncertain. In addition, the capacity of gas storage and peak shaving is still insufficient. It is expected that the situation of natural gas supply guarantee this winter and next spring will be very severe.


in order to ensure the natural gas supply during the peak winter, the national development and Reform Commission has issued a document a few days ago, which clearly requires all localities to find out the market demand and gas consumption structure, make the connection between supply and demand well in advance, clarify the order of supply guarantee, and timely coordinate and solve the contradictions and problems affecting the stable gas supply. In cities where there is a real shortage of gas supply for people's livelihood during peak hours, it is necessary to formulate specific supply guarantee schemes including measures such as "pressure on non residents" and other measures, so as to achieve "one city, one policy" and spare no effort to realize the stable supply of natural gas during the peak winter period and ensure the key gas demand for residents' living.

reporter learned that in order to increase the supply, the national development and Reform Commission has asked the major gas supply enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC to implement the established winter production increase plan, decompose the tasks into specific blocks and projects, reasonably arrange maintenance, optimize the production scheme, and ensure the full production of Changqing, Tarim, Puguang and other major gas fields, and ensure safety when necessary Under the condition of lower pressure, the yield can be increased. At the same time, we should increase import resources through multiple channels, make the best use of gas storage resources, and give full play to the emergency support role of gas storage. On the demand side,


are on the demand side. The national development and Reform Commission said that it would further improve the mechanism for orderly use of gas. "Coal to gas", "oil to gas" and large-scale industrial gas projects should be implemented in a balanced and orderly manner according to the available resources and utilization planning. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive balanced dispatching of gas and electricity, and implement the management measures of gas saving and peak valley difference, so as to minimize the impact of supply shortage on people's life and economic development.

(China economic network)

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