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New progress in research on high oxidation valence states of transition metals

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With the support of NSFC and other projects,

has made important progress in the research of high oxidation valence state. The related research papers were published in the international journal Nature on October 23. The research results were jointly completed by Zhou Mingfei's research group of Chemistry Department of Fudan University, together with scientists from Berlin Free University, Tsinghua University and McMaster University in Canada. The oxidation valence state of


is one of the most commonly used basic concepts in chemistry, which is the basis of Mendeleev's discovery of the periodic law of elements. The oxidation valence state reflects the combination state of the elements in the compound and the change of the state in the chemical reaction process. Its high oxidation valence compounds can be used as oxidants and catalysts in industrial reactions due to their high oxidation properties.


since 2009, Zhou Mingfei of Fudan University and Professor Riedel of Berlin Free University have carried out the experimental preparation and chemical properties research of high oxidation valence compounds. In 2009, they first prepared iridium tetroxide neutral molecules in the low-temperature noble gas matrix by the reaction of iridium atoms and oxygen molecules. The related achievements were published in German applied chemistry. On this basis, they proposed that if the d electrons of neutral iridium tetroxide were further ionized to form iridium tetroxide positive ions, iridium would be in the IX valence state. In order to verify this point of view, Zhou Mingfei team prepared iridium tetroxide ions in gas phase by pulsed laser sputtering ultrasonic molecular beam carrier technology, and successfully obtained the infrared vibration spectrum of gas phase iridium tetroxide ion by using the technology of tandem time of flight mass spectrometry infrared photodissociation spectroscopy recently established by the research group, and confirmed the gas phase iridium tetroxide ionization for the first time The results show that the compound has a tetrahedral structure, in which iridium is in the valence state of IX. The results of


have important scientific significance for the development of oxidation valence states and the understanding of the bonding properties of high valence compounds, and provide a basis for further macroscopic synthesis of these high oxidation valence compounds and their application in chemical reaction systems.

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