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Price analysis of chlorinated paraffin on July 5, 2016

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The price of chlorinated paraffin of

fell on the 5th. Anhui Xingxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. quoted 3800 yuan / ton, which was lower than the previous price. Recently, paraffin manufacturers generally sold, the market was not good, and the inventory was low. Some manufacturers began to reduce the price of chlorinated paraffin. At present, the mainstream quotation of chlorinated paraffin in China is between 3800-4700 yuan / ton. Li Xiang, paraffin analyst of chemical branch of


business agency, believes that: Recently, paraffin manufacturers are selling generally, the market is sluggish, and the inventory is low. Due to the price drop of upstream raw materials, some manufacturers have begun to reduce their prices. It is expected that the price of chlorinated paraffin will fall in the short term.

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