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Review of major events in acetic acid industry at the end of 2017

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The national development and Reform Commission and other 15 ministries and commissions have issued the implementation plan on expanding the production of bio fuel ethanol and promoting the use of ethanol gasoline for vehicles. The goal is to promote ethanol gasoline in China by 2020. The method of acetic acid to ethanol is gradually accepted. Some enterprises have planned to open the acetic acid to ethanol plant in the next two years, such as the 100000 t / a plant of the second phase of Zhongrong technology and the 100000 t / a unit of Shandong Yixiang Chemical Co., Ltd. The further improvement of downstream production is a good forecast for the consumption of acetic acid in the later stage. In the future, the consumption proportion of fuel ethanol in acetic acid chain will also take a qualitative leap. 2、 Acetic acid export reached a new high in 2017. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, as of October 2017, China's acetic acid export reached 340000 tons, exceeding the annual export volume of 2016, setting a record for China's acetic acid export. International equipment maintenance is concentrated, Asia is seriously out of stock, and the demand of India and other regions has increased sharply in a short time. Therefore, the rising price of foreign market leads to the increase of domestic export arbitrage space, and the strong export intention of enterprises and exporters. Multiple factors make China's acetic acid export volume reach a new high. It is estimated that the annual export volume will be about 400000 tons. 3、 Acetic acid profit returns to high in 2017 From the comparison of domestic acetic acid price and methanol price in 2017, it can be seen that the price gap between acetic acid and raw material methanol has been widening, and the profit of acetic acid has returned to a high level. There are two reasons for this: firstly, there are more maintenance of acetic acid plants, coupled with the rising export volume, and the domestic acetic acid supply is in short supply, which makes the price of acetic acid continue to rise; secondly, the operating rate of some downstream methanol markets is affected by environmental protection policies The price of methanol fluctuated at a low level, which increased the gap with acetic acid price. 4、 American hurricane "boost" domestic acetic acid price In August 2017, the United States was hit by the strongest hurricane "Harvey", which seriously affected the acetic acid industry. Among them, the 1.3 million tons / year unit of Celanese and the 500000 tons / year unit of leandbassel were shut down for maintenance, which increased the export volume of domestic acetic acid enterprises and boosted the upward trend of acetic acid price under the condition of tight supply of domestic acetic acid market. 5、 Environmental protection policy aggravates supply shortage of acetic acid Market In order to ensure the completion of the annual target of the air pollution prevention and control action plan, the Ministry of environmental protection has formulated the air pollution prevention and control work plan of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas in 2017. Affected by the plan, the production and transportation conditions of enterprises in North China such as Shandong Hualu, Hebei Jiantao and Henan Longyu are limited, which aggravates the shortage of acetic acid market. 6、 Market up, many enterprises plan to increase production Due to the increase of domestic acetic acid market demand in 2017 and the reduction of production of some foreign acetic acid enterprises, the future domestic acetic acid production area will increase significantly. For example, Qinzhou Huayi 500000 T / a plant and Guangxi Kunda 500000 T / a plant have been clearly put into operation in 2020. In addition, Dalian Hengli 200000 t / a plant and Guizhou Jinzhi 600000 T / a plant project are in the process of formulation, so it is not expected that In the next few years, the domestic acetic acid production capacity will increase by at least 1.8 million tons / year. This paper is transferred from gaide chemical network http://news.china.guidechem.com/2017/12/30/307933.html

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