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The 13th five year plan of coal deep processing upgrading demonstration will be released

wallpapers Products 2020-07-31
Li Ye, the regulatory director of the state energy administration, said at the 2016 China International Coal Chemical Industry Development Forum on the 20th that the 13th five year plan for coal deep processing and upgrading demonstration has been formulated and will be released in the near future. In an interview with reporters, Li Ye said that the plan includes 14 demonstration projects to be started during the 13th Five Year Plan period and about 25 reserve projects. According to reports, the plan covers five aspects: coal to oil, coal to natural gas, low rank coal utilization, coal to chemicals and comprehensive utilization of coal and oil. Li Ye said that this is the first time that China has issued a special plan for coal deep processing and upgrading demonstration, which will put forward technical and emission requirements for the demonstration project. "For a considerable period of time, coal's dominant position in China's energy sector will not fundamentally change," he said. For the development of coal chemical industry in China, the central government has requirements, the market has demand, enterprises have demands, and technology has pursuit. " Pan Aihua, deputy director of the Department of raw materials industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China will still adhere to the overall idea of maintaining national energy security and diversification of raw material supply, and focus on upgrading demonstration work on the basis of existing demonstration projects. Pan Aihua said that one belt, one road, will be built in 13th Five-Year. In the period of "13th Five-Year", China will promote innovation, steadily carry out the demonstration of deep processing and upgrading of coal, realize product differentiation and high-end, optimize industrial layout under total control, close to raw materials and markets, and modern coal chemical projects will be transformed into parks. At the same time, China will combine "one belt and one road" strategy to support related enterprises "going out". Pan Aihua said that at present, China's modern coal chemical industry is facing many problems, such as blind development, many planned projects, serious homogenization phenomenon, obvious water resource constraints and great environmental protection pressure. According to reports, China has a large number of modern coal chemical projects in planning and preliminary work. Among them, there are 53 coal to olefin projects with a total capacity of 33 million tons; 7 coal to oil projects with a total capacity of 13.9 million tons; 18 coal to natural gas projects with a total capacity of 74 billion cubic meters; and more than 10 coal to ethylene glycol projects with a total capacity of 4.7 million tons. Gu zongqin, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, said that under the impact of low oil prices, coal chemical projects are under huge profit pressure, and China's coal chemical industry has entered a stage of climbing. According to reports, as of May 2016, China's coal to olefin, methanol to olefin, coal to oil, coal to natural gas and coal to ethylene glycol production capacity were 5.9 million tons, 4 million tons, 2.58 million tons, 3.1 billion cubic meters and 2.55 million tons respectively. Li Shousheng, President of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China should not relax its macro-control over modern coal chemical industry. Instead, it must adhere to the principle of "demonstration first" and improve the upgrading and demonstration requirements in management, technology and investment benefits. He believes that the development of modern coal chemical industry must make a major breakthrough in high-end technology and make the advantages of "coal head" and "chemical tail" more mature. In terms of green and sustainable development, China should establish the discharge standards of waste water, waste gas and waste solid as soon as possible, break through the technical constraints of high salt wastewater and carbon dioxide emission and utilization, and establish an efficient and strict environmental protection supervision system. "The carbon tax is a general trend, which will have a significant impact on coal chemical industry," he said It is predicted that by 2020, the production capacity of coal to oil, coal to natural gas, coal to olefins, coal to aromatics and coal to ethylene glycol will reach 8-10 million tons, 20 billion cubic meters, 16 million tons, 1 million tons and 6 million tons respectively. (Xinhua)

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