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The first termite genome decipherment promotes the evolution of social insects

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termite king has long-term reproductive capacity, and has the same special status as queen ant, but other social insects have no king. Therefore, termites are important insects to study social evolution. Recently, scientists from China, the United States, Germany and other countries announced the completion of the first genome sequencing and analysis of termites (archaeoptera Nevada) in an article published online by nature communications, which has made new discoveries in revealing the molecular basis of termite complex sociality.


termites are social insects like ants and bees. Scientists have found that in termite society, only a few individuals (called queens and queens) have reproductive capacity, while others (workers and soldiers) engage in non reproductive jobs such as foraging, conservation or defense. One of the discoveries of


is that four gene families related to spermatogenesis have been significantly amplified in termite genome. These genes are up-regulated in fertile male reproductive ants Li Cai, a national gene bank, points out that "in termite colonies, queens and queens mate many times over a long period of time. However, in Hymenoptera social insects, the reproductive behavior is usually controlled by the queen ant, and there is usually only one mating. The research results provide ideas for explaining these differences at the molecular level


scientists also found that some gene families involved in hierarchical differentiation and reproductive division in Hymenoptera social insects also showed similar characteristics in termites. "Understanding termite genomes is the key to reveal the molecular evolution of social insects. We found that the expression of some regulatory factors such as vitellogenin and juvenile hormone were significantly different in different grades of termites. The same gene expression differences also exist in the hierarchical regulation of other social insects "As more and more social insect genomes are deciphered, comparative genomics analysis will be one of the important means for further research, providing more clues for further understanding of the developmental regulation and evolution process of social systems," said Dr. Zhang Guojie of the national gene bank

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