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What factors depend on the heating temperature of SKF bearings?

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The heating temperature of SKF bearings depends on the bearing size and the required interference. Regarding the precautions of SKF bearing hot packaging operation, the following points need to be paid attention to:
1. Do not heat SKF bearings above 120 degrees Celsius;
2. In order to prevent the SKF bearing from directly contacting the bottom of the oil groove, it is best to consider placing the dental drill bearing on two metals or lifting the SKF bearing.
3. Heat the dental drill bearing to a temperature 20-30 degrees Celsius higher than the required temperature, so that the inner ring will not become cold during operation and it is difficult to install;
4. After installation, the SKF bearing will cool and shrink in the width direction, so please use a shaft nut or other suitable method to tighten it to prevent a gap between the inner ring and the bearing shoulder.
The required performance of SKF bearing cage material:
Good dimensional stability and high mechanical strength
In addition, good workability is also required. Depending on the application, good impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are required.
Material of bearing ring and rolling element:
Rings and rolling elements usually use high-carbon chromium bearing steel. Most SKF bearings use JIS steel grade SUJ2. SUJ3 is used for large bearings. In the case of further improving the impact resistance, please use chromium steel, chromium molybdenum steel, nickel chromium molybdenum molybdenum steel as bearing materials, and use carburizing and quenching to make the steel have a hardened layer from the surface to an appropriate depth. Carburized bearings have appropriate hardening depth, good structure, appropriate surface hardness and core hardness, and their impact resistance is better than the chemical composition of bearings using bearing steel and ordinary steel used for carburizing bearings.

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