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What is Alumina Nanoparticle used for

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Lithium battery diaphragm covering material:
High purity nano alumina is related to the positive and negative diaphragm of lithium battery as a ceramic covering, which plays the function of warmth resistance, heat resistance and also insulation, so as to stop the power battery from short circuit because of high temperature as well as diaphragm melting.

Ingredients for cathode materials of lithium batteries:
High purity nano-alumina doped with lithium cobalt as well as lithium manganate can boost thermal security, cycle performance as well as overcharge resistance, hinder the development of oxygen and the decay of LiPF6, stay clear of straight contact between LiCo02 as well as electrolyte, reduce the loss of electrochemical specific ability, and improve the electrochemical certain capacity of LiCoO2.

Driver carrier:
High purity γ& gamma;-type nano-alumina is a permeable substance with an internal surface of hundreds of square meters per gram, high task and also solid adsorption capability. It is a typically made use of adsorbent, driver and also catalyst carrier in petroleum refining and also petrochemical market; it is a deacidizing agent for transformer oil and also turbine oil in market, as well as it is additionally used for chromatographic evaluation; it is a neutral and strong desiccant busy, its drying out capacity is no less than that of phosphorus pentoxide, and also it can be regrowed as well as reused after heating below 175 ℃ for 6-8 hrs.

Powder coating anti-caking:
In summertime, nano-alumina can successfully prevent powder layer caking. Nanometer aluminum trioxide made use of in powder coatings can improve the fluffiness of powder finishes as well as have good anti-caking effect. It has great storability for powder layers made use of in heat and high humidity environment.

Layer, rubber, plastic wear-resistant and hardening agent:
Including 5-20% nano-alumina, the coating can greatly enhance the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the coating, which is 2-5 times greater than that of the standard coating. After nano-alumina is added to the paint, a really fine, uniform as well as tough network framework can be based on the paint surface, which secures the polymer paint layer from damages. the scratch resistance of nano-paint is 3 times greater than that of the initial paint. it is commonly utilized in car paint and so on. The enhancement of nano-aluminum trioxide can substantially enhance the firmness of the covering, and also concerning 20% can reach 6-7H. The openness of the layer is not affected.

Plastic, rubber, sticky, paint thermal conductivity:
Alumina single crystal thermal conductivity of 30, nanometer alumina, high thermal conductivity, large spherical dental filling. In order to enhance the compatibility of resin matrix as well as fillers, enhance the thermal conductivity of matrix materials and also not decrease its mechanical properties, surface area therapy representatives such as coupling agents are generally utilized to enhance the thermal conductivity.

Nano alumina has high purity, uniform particle size and also great dispersion. When around 10% alumina is included in the sintered ceramics, the creating stress increases, which can reduce the number of pores, thus boost the density of the ceramic blank, boost the density as well as mechanical homes of the sintered alumina porcelains, as well as minimize the sintering temperature level more effectively.

Powder metallurgy:
Nano alumina for metallurgy has little fragment dimension, large details area and also high task, adding 1-3% nano-alumina to avoid matrix densification and grain dimension, enhance firmness, boost electric conductivity and mechanical residential properties, as well as boost melting point and heat resistance.

Alumina particles are uniform, have high sphericity, and are precision polishing powder, is a good material for metallographic sprucing up, yet also ideal for stainless steel mirror polishing, titanium polishing, cast iron sprucing up, light weight aluminum mirror sprucing up, stone mirror sprucing up, paint polishing, material sprucing up, PCB circuit card sprucing up, glass sprucing up, optical glass, glasses lens polishing, resin lens sprucing up, sapphire polishing, LED sprucing up, germanium sprucing up. Zinc polishing, fast sprucing up, excellent brightness, no scratches.

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