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What is the difference between Nano and Non Nano Zinc Oxide

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What is Nano Zinc Oxide?

Zinc oxide nanoparticle is a new type of multi-functional not natural product, as well as its fragment size is in between 1 as well as 100 nm.

Because of the improvement of grains, the surface digital framework as well as crystal framework change, resulting in surface area impact, volume impact, quantum size effect, macroscopic tunneling effect, high openness, high diffusion and so forth.

In recent years, nano zinc oxide has been located that it reveals numerous special features in catalysis, optics, magnetism, and also technicians, that makes it have important application value in lots of fields, such as ceramics, chemical market, electronic devices, optics, biology, and medicine. It has the particularity as well as usage that ordinary zinc oxide can not contrast. Nano zinc oxide can be used as UV masking product, antibacterial agent, fluorescent material, photocatalytic material and so on in fabric, covering and also other areas.

How is Nano Zinc Oxide produced?

The prep work methods of zinc oxide consist of: straight technique (likewise called American approach), indirect method (additionally known as French method) and also wet chemical approach. Today, most of the zinc oxide products offered in the market are straight or indirect products with micron fragment dimension and small particular surface. These residential properties greatly limit their application fields as well as their efficiency in products.

Nano zinc oxide is prepared by damp chemical approach (NPP-method). Various zinc-containing materials can be utilized as resources, zinc can be leached by acid, the pollutants in the raw products can be gotten rid of many times, and then basic zinc carbonate can be gotten by precipitation, as well as nanometer zinc oxide can be gotten by roasting.

What is the difference in between Nano and Non Nano Zinc Oxide?

The impressive feature of zinc oxide nanoparticles is that the item particles are nanometer, and also it has the dual characteristics of nanomaterials and standard zinc oxide. Compared to traditional zinc oxide, it has large particular area, high chemical task, product fineness, chemical pureness and particle shape can be readjusted as needed, and has photochemical impact and also far better UV protecting efficiency. its UV shielding price is as high as 98%; at the very same time, it additionally has a series of distinct buildings, such as anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, and so on.

What is Nano Zinc Oxide utilized for?

Along with being widely utilized in conventional sectors such as chemical sector, rubber, paint, porcelains, electronic devices, fabric and medication and also health, nanometer zinc oxide has likewise been used in ultraviolet shielding, photocatalysis, electric conductivity and so forth. With the in-depth research of nanocrystallization and functionalization of products, its application area will be further expanded.


Nanometer zinc oxide is made use of in sun block of cosmetics because it is non-toxic, unsavory, non-irritating to the skin, does not break down, does not degrade, has good thermal stability, is white itself, and can also be colored. It has the features of anti-inflammation, security, anti-wrinkle and avoidance of UV damage to the skin.


Nanometer zinc oxide has big details surface area and also lots of surface active facilities, and also its surface effect and also quantity result make it have high catalytic activity and selectivity. Nanometer zinc oxide can be utilized as photocatalyst to disintegrate chemicals, pigments, trichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene and natural compounds in the ambience, and also ultimately oxidize to non-polluting materials such as CO2 and also H2O. On top of that, nanometer zinc oxide has been made use of in stealth technology-radar wave taking in materials as a result of its lightweight, thin density and also strong absorbing capability. As inorganic energetic agent and also vulcanization accelerator, nanometer zinc oxide can be contributed to rubber to improve the finish as well as use resistance of rubber items, so it can additionally be utilized in rubber industry.


Nanometer zinc oxide has strong inhibition or murder impact on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and various other pathogenic germs, as well as nanometer zinc oxide, as a brand-new sort of zinc resource, has discerning toxicity and also excellent biocompatibility at the same time. It likewise has the characteristics of high organic task, excellent immunomodulatory capability and also high absorption rate, so it has actually been paid a growing number of attention by appropriate researchers.

Textile sector

It has great UV protecting and superb antibacterial and also bacteriostatic homes. when added to the fabric, it can give the material the functions of sun defense, antibacterial, deodorization and so on.


As a sort of nanometer material, nanometer zinc oxide has the characteristics of high organic task, high absorptivity, solid antioxidant capacity, safety and stability, so it is one of the most perfect zinc source currently. Replacing high zinc with nanometer zinc oxide in feed can not only resolve the need for zinc in animals, however likewise reduce the air pollution to the atmosphere. The use of nanometer zinc oxide can play the function of antibacterial as well as bacteriostatic, and enhance pet manufacturing efficiency at the same time.

Zinc Oxide Price

The cost is affected by several elements consisting of the supply as well as demand in the marketplace, industry trends, financial activity, market sentiment, and also unanticipated events.

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