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What Powder is Used for Metal 3D Printing

What is the most common powder used to print 3D Metals?

Flowability: The most significant characteristic for metal powder is its capacity to pass through a 3D printer. Metals with better flowability can be controlled with greater ease and produce more consistent products and layers. Furthermore they are less likely to create products with uneven layers. The superior flowability and flowability of powder implies that it is easier to create a 3D-printed product.

Steel 316L powder Stainless

The powder of stainless steel 316L has been thoroughly studied to determine its impact on AM. It is a representative material, so results can be applied to other alloys. The distribution of the powder's size, as measured by the 4S methodology, is 9.43 millimeters. The shape of the particle (PSF) is near one. The powder's properties are summarized in Table 1.


The most commonly used metal alloy used for 3D printing is titanium. It is a strong and durable metal ideal for making functional components prototypes, components, and other products for aerospace, military, and automotive applications. Titanium is also biocompatible . It is often used for medical implants.

The advantages in titanium-based powders are numerous It has gained popularity in additive manufacturing. It's close to half its weight as steel and its unique characteristics make it a good candidate for printing 3D. Titanium is lightweight, heat-resistant also chemically resistant and is biocompatible. There are many benefits to titanium, titanium is particularly helpful for applications in motor vehicles and aerospace in which the mass of the item is essential.


Niobium powder is a great material for metal 3D printing because it is bio-inert and is simple to process. When it comes to additive manufacturing, it's used to produce niobium alloys that can be used to manufacture aerospace parts and engines. This process is called"laser-based powder bed-fusion" (also called SLM) which utilizes a laser to precisely melt the powder to make metals.

Niobium has a chemically similar material to tantalum. their melting points are similar. They also have the same electrical and thermal conductivity. These properties make them well-suited and suitable for the chemical industry. In reality, they're utilized in the production of capacitors and other electrical devices.

Metal 3D printing powder supplier

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